Each situation is unique and will be evaluated with that individuality in mind. Care management begins with a careful assessment of all spheres of an individual's life-physical, cognitive, social, emotional, financial, community and family. Aging Life Care ProfessionalsTM are the premier professionals working with aging adults and their families, enabling them to live well.

Trying to manage complex care needs without training and experience often gets in the way of family sharing and support. As an Aging Life Care Specialist, formerly called a professional geriatric care manager, Suzanne Modigliani listens to all partners in the caregivng system. She consults with the elderly client, family members, physicians, trust officers and any other concerned parties. Families want to make the best decisions and can see the way forward with clarity by working with Suzanne.

A collaborative, customized plan is developed which may be simple or may involve a complex array of medical, legal, home care, transportation and social services. Usually, the care manager is asked to implement the plan in collaboration with the family, resulting in peace of mind. Since elder care situations are rarely static, subtle changes in the elder are monitored to avoid crises. Ongoing communication with key support systems is provided.