When someone is losing the ability to live safely at home, relatives may start to manage care related needs. Living at a distance, busy with family and work, unfamiliar with the role of care manager, people find this is more than they can or want to handle. With Suzanne Modigliani managing the situation, family members can go back to being a son or daughter, leaving the work to a highly trained Aging Life Care ProfessionalTM familiar with resources, able to act in an efficient and sensitive manner. Families are grateful for the local eyes and ears and that their aging relatives are cared for in the best way possible even if they are not in Boston.

Suzanne Modigliani will meet with the elder and family to assess all spheres of an individual's life-physical, cognitive, social, emotional, financial, community and family. The goal is for the older adult to live as independent, dignified and enjoyable a life as possible. A customized plan of care is formulated. Most families will rely on Suzanne Modigliani, to arrange, coordinate and monitor services. Careful monitoring can help avert a crisis. Professional attention to the client's needs can improve the quality of life for the whole family. Adjustments will be made to the plan as needed. Reports are made to the family on a regular basis.