Family members with concerns about their role in the care of a relative may want a sounding board or mentor. They may have questions or need to resolve issues before arranging an assessment or plan of care. Others want help adjusting to changes precipitated by a new plan of care. Strains may develop within families about who is filling which part of the caregiving team and different views about optimal care. Aging Life Care ProfessionalsTM, formerly called Geriatric Care Managers, are experts in aging well.

Suzanne Modigliani often consults with families who are considering moving their loved ones to the Boston area from out of state. Many issues should be planned in advance including moving, living arrangements, insurance, medical care, home help.

Short term consultation is available as needed. The more comfortable each involved family member is with the direction of the elder's care, the more likely the whole family will contribute to the success of the plan.