Most often elders want to stay at home. Suzanne Modigliani will work through her professional skills and contacts to maintain the safest and most dignified home environment for the elder.


• Home Health Care: Suzanne Modigliani will help determine what kind of care is needed at home- live-in, shift, home health aid or companion. She will work with home health staff to manage the inevitable crises with a focus on maintaining the independence and dignity of the elder.


• Referrals: These will be made as needed to adult day care or in home physical therapy.


• Household: The safety of the home will be assessed with recommendations for any needed equipment or adaptation


• Financial: Assistance with entitlements, insurance claims, advocacy with long term care insurance companies.


• Social: Assurance that the elder will not become too isolated at home. Encouragement of participation in community, religious and social life.